Founded in 1976

For over 30 years we have been providing customers with the finest in custom cabinetry and countertops.


Romar was founded in 1976 with a workshop, a saw and a lot of sweat. The owner had a vision – to give homeowners the best cabinets they could ever own. He started building cabinets that would not only look great but would last a lifetime. By appealing to those clients who wanted the best and would only settle for quality, the company naturally grew.


By 1985, Romar had created a premier name for itself and established many of the industry standards used by custom cabinet manufactures today.  As the industry evolved, so did Romar. By investing in the latest and greatest technology and equipment, Romar was able to continue its quest for excellence.


During the housing boom of the 1990’s, Romar hit full stride. The volume of work increased exponentially, as did the need to perfect our ordering and fulfillment systems. Computer assisted machinery were incorporated thus increasing productivity and cutting down on waste…we instantly became a greener company.


Today, Romar has become a finely honed machine, and a key leader in the custom cabinet industry. We are proud to employ true artisans, all dedicated to family and company. They’re proud to be creating some the best cabinets in the world right here in Illinois.

Romar Ideology

We understand every individual is unique and has his or her own style. We believe a home is a snapshot of our customers and who they are. It’s for this reason we offer true custom design choices – to make your vision ours. We deliver your ideas in the form of quality crafted cabinets and countertops… exactly as you dreamed. Our ultimate goal is simple provide our customers with the finest custom cabinetry and countertops with an elegance and style they can be proud of.

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