Frequently Asked Questions about Romar Cabinet and Top Company

How long does it take to build cabinets?

Custom cabinet manufacturing can vary in the time it takes to build. The complexity of design, time of year and overall size will have a defined factor of build time. Before a job is ever put into the schedule an estimated timeline is communicated to the Builder or Homeowner to ensure that the turnaround time meets with the clients’/builder’s needs.

What kind of wood do you use?

Romar creates cabinetry out of a multitude of wood species. From common place woods such as oak, maple, birch and alder to higher end woods such as walnut, cherry or teak. No matter what the wood species you choose, we can create your cabinetry with it.

Can we choose the color of our cabinets?

We have a multitude of standard stains and paint finishes to choose from. If a custom match finish is what you desire, we can accommodate you with that also.

What kind of hardware selections are there to choose from?

Hardware selection is as personal as choosing the color finish of you cabinetry. That’s why we utilize numerous hardware manufactures in order for you to find just the right one.

Do you guarantee your work?

Romar 100% guarantees it’s cabinetry for fitment and construction. All cabinetry will be free of defects upon delivery or a repair or replacement will be made. See Romar’s limited warranty.

How do we order cabinets?

The first step to ordering cabinetry is meeting with one of our Design Consultants for a free consultation.

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